Mural Art & Undulation Watercolors and Paintings

Mały Sopot combines elegance, friendliness, and artistry in its interiors. The latter accompanies us in an original way.

A wonderful mural by Nina Sobczak (Lusso Art Atelier) an artist from Gdansk, was created in the unique space of our boutique. In one expressive form, she included the most important elements of a Woman, Femininity, Strength, Pregnancy, and Emotions.

The artist's inspiration for the woman mural was the famous painting The Birth of Venus by the Italian master Sandro Botticelli from the 15th century, to which she gives a new, feminine perspective in line with 21st-century modern art.

Nina Sobczak is also the designer of the original Hampton façade of the building that houses our Mały Sopot Boutique.

Our interiors also host watercolors and paintings from the "Undulation" series by Ilawa-based artist Bogdan Wojtek "Bartek" Bartkowski.

A woman at various stages of life is accompanied by waving and undulations. New life, child’s movements in mother's womb, mood changes, caprices and fluctuations, and finally vibrations and anxieties of mother's heart - all these harmonize with the visions of the natural world which the artist renders through the universal metaphor of undulation.

Changeable, mysterious, nonobvious, full of simple shapes and then curves and rounded elements. Watercolors complete our interiors, pleasing the eye with their delicacy and soft colors, giving our guests a sense of harmony.

BWB Bartkowski is also the author of a minimalist, modernist logo of Mały Sopot inspired by the work of an outstanding Polish author of graphic signs and posters Karol Sliwka.