Maly Sopot Boutique in COVID-19 pandemic

Main safety procedures

During check in our guest(s) will be asked for their verbal agreement to measure their temperature with a non-contact thermometer. In case of a raised temperature and/or illness symptoms, the reception staff may refuse to check in the guest(s).

Each suite is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and ventilated before guests’ arrival. Ventilation is provided, among others, by switching on the maximum power of the recuperator for at least 30 minutes.

# 3
Suites are ozonized regularly, minimum once a week. At the individual request of guests, selected suites can be ozonized before arrival.

# 4
Common areas, especially the lift, staircase, winter garden and reception area are disinfected daily.

# 5
Employees are required to wear personal protective equipment on the premises.

Prevention and intervention procedure

If any employee or guest shows any illness symptoms, they will be temporarily isolated in the conference room by the reception until further medical and/or sanitary-epidemiological action is taken.

Technical provisions

Each room is equipped with its own portable air conditioner with environmentally friendly refrigerant R290, which exhausts the warm air through the outer wall of the building. The conditioned air does not get mixed between rooms.

Each room is equipped with an independent air recuperator which automatically exchanges and purifies the air for fresh one through the outer wall of the building. Air exchange between rooms is thus kept to a minimum.

There are sanitizer dispensers provided on each floor, in the reception area and at the entrance, along with instructions for proper hand disinfection.

The toilet outside the rooms is equipped with a disposable paper towel dispenser and a medical washbasin mixer.

Cleaning is done with a central hoover, which completely eliminates the hoover air discharge into the suite.